Dampak Ekonomis Olimpiade Musim Panas – Sebuah Analisis Efisiensi

Analisis dilakukan terhadap data yang diperoleh dari Olimpiade 1952 di Hensinki sampai 2004 di Athena. Parameter penghitungan kesuksesan salah satunya diukur dari perolehan medali yang diperoleh. Berdasarkan teori Bernard dan Busse (2004), populasi dan GNP dimasukkan sebagai input. Namun faktor kemakmuran penduduk juga menjadi parameter penting dalam penghitungan kesuksesan.

The results show that the spread of distance to frontier is very wide over time, across countries, gender, and sports: not only resource endowment matters but also utilization of resources. These differences can be seen ascaused by differences in financial support, training methods, organization, or culture.

Using a method proposed by Battese and Coelli (1995), the authors build on well documented results in the literature and identify the channels through which planned economies and host countries generate Olympic success. The method allows shedding light on aspects of recent history, such as the consequences of the breakdown of the former Soviet Union.

Penelitian oleh: Rathke dan Woitek (2008); file PDF


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